Welcome to EDNeuroRad.com!

Here you will find interactive neuroradiology resources to help prepare for independent call as a radiology resident.

Anatomy modules

NEW! Neck CT anatomy module, has many high yield individual structural annotations as well as togglable Deep space or Nodal station annotations.

The main module has linked CT and MRI images with detailed brain, skullbase, and sinonasal cavity annotations. There is also a dedicated detailed temporal bone module as well as a cervical spine CT module.


There is a diverse collection of ED/on-call neuroradiology cases all presented in a full-function PACS-like web viewer. This challenges both your search pattern and image interpretation skills. It is recommended you go through the cases in order. The vascular cases in particular are a high yield group of cases allowing you to practice your CTA and CTP interpretations.

Narrated presentations

You can scroll, window, zoom, or MPR any of the images. More presentations in the works!